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Catriona Howatson Counselling

The therapy 21st January 2019

Psychodynamic counselling

Psychodynamic therapy is a form of psychotherapy (‘talking cure’). It draws entirely on the principles of psychoanalysis. These were first formulated by Sigmund Freud, and have been continuously expanded and refined ever since.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is characterized by its attention to 'boundaries'. The therapy is usually once a week for 50 minutes, at the same time and place. This ensures a safe context for examining issues that are often highly complicated. It is therefore suited to the busy-ness and complication of modern life.

The work is exploratory, creative and enlightening without being ‘directive’. It aims to shed light on patterns of relating, making links to past experiences, and disentangling the underlying complexities. This therapy aims to provide insight and understanding by getting to 'the heart of the matter'. In this way you can begin to move on, make key changes, and find greater fulfilment in relationships, work and recreation.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is designed for regular once-weekly sessions of 50 minutes. It is therefore suitable for someone looking for a thoughtful approach without a greater commitment of time.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is usually ‘open-ended’ in nature. However, time-limited counselling is also available for people who have a clear focus for work over twelve or sixteen sessions.

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