Why have counselling?

Catriona Howatson Psychotherapy

Why have counselling? 27th November 2021

Do I need counselling?

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is flexible. Anyone who wants to reflect on life experiences, gain insight, make connexions, and think about feelings and emotions can find it helpful.

You might consider counselling if you find you are struggling with any of the following:

  • Feelings of hopelessness or futility, being preoccupied with your own inadequacy and worthlessness
  • Lack of confidence, not living up to your abilities, being bullied
  • Anxiety, not being able to ‘face’ things, fearfulness, panic attacks
  • Behavioural difficulties, obsessive or intrusive thoughts, addictiveness
  • Problems in relationships, difficulty expressing feelings or empathizing, feeling ‘needy’, feeling others’ needs are too much for you, worries about sex and sexuality
  • Irritability, inexplicable or inappropriate anger or aggression
  • Painful guilt or shame
  • Not caring for yourself properly

    You do not by any means need to present a difficulty such as these in order to have therapy. You might just want help in thinking about your life. 
You might feel you are generally unhappy for no apparent reason, or you might be going through a crisis that feels overwhelming or confusing.

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