What to expect

Catriona Howatson Psychotherapy

What to expect 27th November 2021
Complete confidentiality is paramount in psychotherapy.
Exceptions (under the law) are terrorism and child protection.

The therapeutic space is a safe place for you, and your feelings, and what you say. Psychodynamic psychotherapists are required to have undergone their own analytic therapy for at least the duration of their training. They understand what it means to be ‘in therapy’ and how it feels. I will let you know if I think you are not suitable for psychodynamic therapy or would benefit from a different type of intervention.

Sessions are at a fixed time and place every week. They last for precisely 50 minutes.

If you would like to consider psychotherapy, please get in touch by telephone or email. We may then arrange for an initial consultation of an hour and a half in which we can think about your needs in depth and find out whether we feel we can work together. At this stage we can agree our terms. There is no obligation to continue. I can let you know if I think another approach would be more suitable, and we can discuss this.

phone:07740 869525
or 020 7381 5450
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